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More Côr® thermostats.

Looking for an intuitively designed, easy-to-program thermostat that performs as sharply as it looks? Maybe you’re constantly mobile and need an app to manage your home comfort remotely and efficiently? Whatever your family’s needs, Côr thermostats offer a range of programmable devices both with and without Wi-Fi® connectivity.

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With the touch of a button, you can learn smarter approaches to energy efficiency and savings for your home with customized tips. See how changing the temperature at certain times of day can improve your bottom line.

Available on Cor 7C, 5C

Ideal Away™

Ideal Away™ adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency while you’re away from home to help you save as much as possible. It detects outside weather conditions so your unit works at peak efficiency while you are away and adjusts to ideal comfort levels by the time you return home.

Available on the original Côr Thermostat, 7C, 5C, 7, 5

Wi-Fi® Remote Access

With the Côr C-Series Wi-Fi® thermostats, control of your home comfort system is just a tap away. Monitor your system from anywhere with a Wi-Fi® connection.

Available on the original Côr Thermostat, 7C, 5C


Touch-N-Go allows for quick and easy temperature adjustments without changing your programmed settings.

Available on the original Côr Thermostat, 7C, 7, 5C*
*With 5C mobile app.

Humidity Control

Reduce or replenish the moisture in the air to reach heightened comfort levels without having to lift a finger.

Available on the original Côr Thermostat, 7C, 7

Stay connected and stay in top
running order.

You can now opt in to a service that keeps your thermostat connected to your dealer. This added degree of support allows dealers to remotely diagnose system interruptions, monitor equipment performance and potentially eliminate costly, inconvenient home visits.

Available on the original Côr Thermostat, 7C, 5C

Trouble deciding?
Whichever Côr Thermostat you choose, upgrading to one is sure to be a wise decision. A trained Côr
dealer can help point you to the model that’s the smartest fit for your home.
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